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5 years to 18 years +

Classes for school ages students of all ages and all ability levels. Styles include:
Ballet/ Pointe
Lyrical & Contemporary
Competition Troupe & Solo Opportunities- Please enquire early if you would like a solo opportunity in 2021 so you can secure a teacher in chosen style teacher a time slot.


Ballet syllabus- Open ballet repertoire- Progressing ballet technique- Pre-pointe - Pointe

 With its focus on the bodies framework, placement and lines, it provides any student with a beautiful foundation for dance of any kind and any level of professionalism.

From the soft beautiful lines and fluid motions of an adage, to the strong dynamics jumps in allegro, all executed to classical music, ballet is the perfect class for students wanting to develop themselves as dancers, for exams or competitions or maybe for those who just dream of wearing a tutu on stage. 

Learning exam syllabus work, repertoire from famous ballets, and concert routines, students will have the option to take their ballet exams, and for the passionate ballerina options are available for competitions solos and extra strength and technique extension through a Progressing Ballet Technique Class.

Offering ballet classes to all ages as well as pre-pointe and pointe classes (pointe class requires a pre-pointe assessment). 



Jazz class - International Dance Technique - Troupe - Solos

Packed with kicks, turns, leaps and fun to popular music, Jazz is an energetic dance styles that embraces excited, fun loving and dynamic dancers.

Guided by a qualified teacher with jazz training and performance experience, exercises by International Dance Technique (Lucy Ellis and Kylie Norris) dance combos and skills learnt in class are sure to excite every dancer.


For the confident and passionate dancers we also have opportunities competition troupes and solos.​



Free movement - Emotive - Troupe - Solos

Lyrical and contemporary follow along from the technique set out in ballet and the dynamic skills seen in jazz. Dancers embrace the emotion and intensity of the song lyrics to guide the dance.

Optional competition troupe and solo opportunities available.



Acrobatic Arts - Cheerleading

Acrobatics (similar to gymnastics without apparatus work) works on strength, flexibility and agility levels, while learning mat and tumbling skills such as cartwheels, handstands, headstands, somersaults, flips, handsprings and aerials. Owner Sara is a qualified Acrobatics Arts teacher as well as an ex-competitive cheerleader.

Acrobatics Arts Syllabus allows students progress through their skills safely and with the appropriate levels of strength and flexibility to accompany each skill, promoting injury prevention and longevity of dancers. Acrobatics exams may be considered in the future for those wanting to work through the levels of achievement.

You may also find Sara teaching her students some exciting group tricks from her cheerleading days.

The acrobatics studio is fitted with mats, soft play, and acrobatics assistance equipment to ensure students can train safely at all levels.

Classes are available for all ages and abilities. 



Practice & Patience - Tap Exams - Solos

Tap is a percussive style of dance with the main focus on rhythm and sound quality. Tap is quite different to other dance styles in its nature and take practice and patience, but provides a lot of joy and sense of achievement to those students willing to learn.

Students will learn tap combinations based from from a tap syllabus in preparation for concert routines and optional tap exams, while also being encouraged to create their own rhythms. 



Classes - Boys Hiphop - Crew - Solos

Consisting of various styles of street dance, stemming from multiple origins and developed in many ways over history, styles of hiphop are wide and varied. Hiphop is a fun, energetic, dynamic and confident style of dance. A very popular style for both boys and girls.



2/12 Technology Drive, Appin, NSW

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