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Dancer - Dance Educator - Childrens Entertainer - Pilates/Barre Instructor - Business Owner


I am Sara Jane, owner, director and head teacher at Sara Jane Studios. Searching for a sea change, I relocated to the area in December 2020 to open Sara Jane Studios after purchasing the infrastructure of a previous business. With 26 years dance experience, and 15 year teaching experience under my belt I have endeavoured to inject a fresh new performing arts experience to the Appin area.

The heart and soul of my teaching revolves around providing professional and nurturing training to children of all ages and abilities in dance and acrobatics. Inclusion is at the forefront of my instructionn ensuring all children feel seen and heard no matter their strengths. I draw on my knowledge and experience to challenge our students to constantly strive for improvement, with safe and age appropriate practices under pinning all training. Longevity of our physical bodies as well as children's mental health drives our programming.


With the dream of helping each person that walks through the studio door achieve their goals, no matter how big or small they may be, she hopes to make Sara Jane Studios a professional, welcoming and well loved part of the Appin community for years to come. 

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