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Ages 2 months to preschool age

Our range of classes provides space for parents, babies and toddlers to learn and grow together in a supportive, stimulating and educational environment, while also exposing preschool dancers to many styles of dance, making it easy for them to choose their favourite styles if they choose to continue into school age dance classes.  


See class descriptions below.


For babies aged 2 months to active crawlers

A lovely bonding experience for mum/dad and baby, and a chance for socialisation among parents. The class uses a variety of sounds, sights, feels and movements to stimulate all babies senses. The class gives you dedicated time in your week to connect with your baby in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.



For active crawlers and walkers

Incorporating more movement opportunities, 'Little Explorers' is the next step up from our 'Baby Love' classes. While still providing aspects of special close bonding and developmental exercises from Baby Love, our now on the move bus are given more opportunity to grab, hold, touch, play and explore through the use of hand held props and soft play equipment.



Walkers to preschool

Teeny Tiny Dance is toddlers first experience of a dance class. Suitable for competent walkers - 2.5 year olds that are ready to wiggle, giggle and learn but still need the company of mummy, daddy or carer. A mixture a ballet, jazz, music, song and imagination, children are allowed to explore movement to music, props, fine and gross motor skills and experiment with their independence while still feeling safe and supported with their big person by their side.



Preschool Age

For children aged 3-5 years who have experienced independence preschool, and are ready to hit the dance floor. A mixture of ballet, jazz, hiphop, acrobatics, music, song and imagination, children are allowed to explore basic dance technique, props, develop fine and gross motor skills, important social skills like sharing and taking turns and using their imagination to tell stories with their dancing.



Preschool Age Acrobatics

Tiny Tumblers is your child's very first acrobatics class! With Miss Sara's Acrobatics Arts Preschool Qualification, she is specifically trained in how to teach acrobatics to preschoolers, and what is safe for their little bodies. Sara believes in a high level of training to teaching acrobatics tricks to this age group is of high importance to support this crucial period of their physical development. This class allows then to explorer their physical limitations in a safe and support environment. Studio is fully fitted out with mats and soft play equipment. 

This class is high energy, and epically fun, working on things including locomotor movement patterns, fun stretching and strength exercises, and exciting skills including somersaults, backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels and flips!

For children aged 3-5 years who are already taking a preschool dance class, add this class on for just 5.00 per week, for an extra 30 minutes of fun. Students are welcome to take this class on its own.

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Please See Adult Classes Section

Adult Classes
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